I have been practicing trying to live in the moment.  You know, just embrace and appreciate what is going on right this minute.  Then I drove 816 miles.  Along the I-40 corridor east toward Memphis, the highway is bumper to bumper 18 wheelers.  I get it, they are supplying us with most of our necessities.  Driving along with those huge tractor trailers is not my idea of a relaxing ride, but I can tolerate it because I am selfish, and I want the supplies they are carrying.  But, traveling the highway with people who insist on driving in the passing lane is a different matter completely.  How can those drivers not realize what a nuisance they are?! It is rude and unnecessary.  There is a lane for them, it is called “slower drivers stay right.” Oblivious to that sign, can they not read my car moving in behind them and urging them along. So, I get myself all worked up and before I can control myself I am breathing hard, pursing my lips, talking to them even though they cannot hear me. I ask them, “can you not see me, do you not know you are supposed to pass and then move over.” I am all for living in the moment and enjoying the here and now.  I just need that to begin after I have passed those drivers who hog the left passing lane.