Speaking of Canning

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I am not a canner…have never canned in the traditional sense.  But this year’s crop of tomatoes and apples have made me do something akin to canning.  I have made tomato blue cheese soup, marinara, salsa, roasted tomatoes and frozen them for later use.  I just discovered after 25 years that even if the apples look sort of worm-ridden on the outside, they are actually perfect on the inside.  Who knew….I just assumed that if I did not spray for worms, that the apples would all have worms inside them, but that’s not the case.  So I have just made 10 jars of apple butter from our old family recipe and with the apples left on the tree, I could make many more.  I boiled the jars to make sure they were clean and then after I filled them, I put them back into boiling water and boiled for about 10 minutes.  I have no idea if that will make the jars shelf-safe, but here’s trying.  I can hear a couple of them popping their lids and have no idea what that means.  I guess I should get my second refrigerator fixed so I have a place to store all of the bounties of my garden!

I still have something to figure out for the golden tomatoes I have left and I have a ton of apples that I could do something else with.  I am not a fan of apple sauce and neither is Devin, so that idea is out.  i think egg roll wrappers with some cooked apples inside and then fried up in the cast iron skillet might be next.   T.