For 2015, I am going to a more active, intentional participant in my life. Yes, I am going to concentrate on eating mostly fish.  I can do without the beef, pork and chicken and I just cannot continue to pretend the cruelty involved in bringing those proteins to our local grocery store does not exist. It has gotten out of hand all while the consumer does not know how factory farming works. It is cruel and inhumane and if more consumers were aware, there would be a lot more conversation about it.

What I am hoping I can incorporate into the diet is exercise….I swear I am allergic to exercise and my health is the proof of that.  One of the past “What I know for sure” aspects of my life was that I was in better than just good health.  I just did not get sick, was a naturally, physically strong person.  I hate that over the last few years, I can no longer say that about myself. A variety of chronic back problems, plantar fasciitis, etc made me less and less mobile until my state of fitness is much lower than it should be if I want to be active and mobile for the next few decades. So, I really need to start moving more.  I know I need to do it, but starting is my problem, so I am going to have to develop a plan and, with small steps, get going. Anything larger than small steps and I quit before I start. So, walk a little more every day, do some basic stretching in the morning and work up to 100 minutes of 130 or above heart rate a week.  That’s what my doctor suggests and it just does not sound like that much…why is it so hard to get accomplished?

For me, it really comes down to thinking through a plan, writing it down and being a more conscious, intentional, pro-active liver of my life.  I want to work in mindfulness too.  I think that will help keep me calm, focused and mentally sharp. I’m hoping for once in my life being in better fitness will make it easier to stay in better fitness now that I have witnessed what happens when you do not pay attention.   Ohhh, there is so much to do and I am really finding that aging is not for the meek; if you want to do it well anyway.

pescexerciseikalemindfulitarian….it’s going into the Tricia O dictionary.