Weather, it is a changin…

OK, so in the 60s this weekend and today, Tuesday, it is 14 degrees.  If it is possible, it feels even colder than that.

IMGP8965This photo is steam coming off the Smith Lake at Wash Park Boat House.

I came home yesterday and made a quick batch of chili…so good on a chili evening.  Complete with cheese, sour cream, avocado and fritos….yummy!!

I do love that I live in a place where we get all 4 seasons and all of them have their best sides, but it does take me awhile to get used to late fall and winter here in CO.  I hate that it gets dark at 4:45pm.  The day just feels over on the ride home from work.  I have one window that is not stormed because it has our cats’ patio attached to it.  It is not energy efficient in the winter and it happens to be in my bedroom.  I hate seeing it form ice on really cold days.

So I guess I need to officially put the summer stuff away, get the winter stuff out and hang the coats, scarves and gloves by the door.  I found my base layer stuff this morning, wore it and was still cold if outside for more than a few minutes.  The gas fireplace is on high, the tea kettle has water ready to go, the heated mattress pads are on the beds.  We are warm and cozy at home, blessed, grateful and aware of it.