The Advantage of Cooking with Dull Knives, There is no blood shed

Although my sister will disagree with me, I find cooking with dull knives much safer.  I am a good cook, and I cook a lot, and I cook for lots of people quite often.  So, today I am cutting the potatoes and carrots for my stew using my very favorite dull knife.  It is serrated (which helps the cutting a little bit) and it is a lovely orange color.  Well, that is a selling point for the knife right there because our college team’s colors are orange and black. While sawing away today I even sawed the tip of my finger, and it didn’t even bleed!  I’m thinking that is a plus.  My sister, however, cooks dangerously – she uses sharp knives. When she is at my house she gripes and complains the whole time about my knives, so for a gift she gave me what she thought was a really good gift – a sharp knife.  Well, I put it in the drawer and looked at it for months.  It is super big and really, really long.  Unfortunately, one day she asked the fatal question, “so how do you like your knife.” Hmmmm, how to tell her that so far I have only watched it. That thing scares me!! I mean I could lose a hand or something.  And, I think it weighs 12 pounds, But wanting to show her how much I appreciated the gift – NOT – I used it.  I cuts wonderfully and speeds up my preparation of food.  But where is the fun in that.  So I am back to watching the knife. It does look really good in my drawer.My favorite knife