Speaking of Sisters and Brothers

My sister is on the road today to get to where my brother lives because he had quintiple by-pass surgery on Wednesday.  That’s what sisters are for….  John lives in Alabama and does not have family close, so Laura is making a 2 day drive in order to be there when he will get released from the hospital.  He then has to spend a week at home. Laura did not want him to be alone when he got home or for those recovery days.  She is going to keep him company and make some meals for now and later.


The surgery went well and he is expected to fully recover, but the doctor said the blockage in his arteries was so bad that had he had a heart attack, he would not have lived to hit the pavement.  Thank God he paid attention to the little signs his body gave him and took himself to the clinic which then turned into a trip to the emergency room which then turned into his being admitted on that day for surgery on Wednesday.

Genetically, we are all not so blessed with terrible cholesterol, so even with good diets, we would still be susceptible to plaque and blocked arteries.  So most of us are now working on getting stress tests to see where we stand on the health of our arteries.  John’s heart itself is healthy so its was a blessing that this condition was discovered and will be surgically corrected.  I want to be here when my daughter starts a career, starts a family.  I want to know my grandchildren, should I get any, so I will now pay attention to this and find out how my arteries look.

We are a close family, not without our issues and differences, but in the end, we are close and we love each other.  We stay in frequent contact and we see each other at least once a year if not more often.  It always surprises me when I hear about siblings who have not seen each other in years and elderly parents who do not have children that visit often.  We are aware of how awesome our family is and are even close with most of our aunts, uncles and cousins.  Laura has to miss my cousin’s son’s wedding in Dallas to be with John.  Sorry about that Sharon and Brenden…… It is good to have family.  Safe travels Laura, thinking of you John.