So sick of being sick…

I don’t usually get sick.  When I was younger, everyone around me could be sick and I would never get it.  That has changed somewhat in the last few years, but still, I do not usually get very sick and if I do, it rarely lasts very long.  But I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now and I am really sick of it. I got the same crud that my sister got and we were not even in the same state!  The friends we spent Thanksgiving with should have warned everyone that they had been sick because I came down with it like a mac truck hit me. I have not had my voice for 5 days now.  I have not left my bedroom for 4 days except to drag myself to a clinic yesterday.  My bedside table is littered with nasal spray, decongestant pills and syrups (nasty!!!), regular lozenges, menthol rub, throat numbing spray and lozenges (also nasty)…………….and now an anti-biotic and an inhaler.


I have not felt this bad in years.  I am hacking, wheezing and basically miserable.  I sleep a couple of hours, sit up bored in my bed a couple of hours and then repeat.  One cat stays by my side no matter what, one won’t come near me and my sweet Turtle wants to be near me until I start coughing and then heads somewhere else.  My daughter left Friday morning for school and then a weekend of skiing, so I just stayed in the house all weekend moping, weeping and cursing whatever the hell this crud is.  The cough is so bad that I have pulled a muscle in my back and around my rib cage.  Is it possible to cause internal damage with just a nasty cough?  Finally, I got concerned that I was trying to fight a cold, when I really had something else.

So I crawled out of bed and took myself to a clinic first thing Sunday morning.  My blood oxygen level was low…uhhh that is because I can’t breathe, I was congested everywhere, my ear had started to hurt and it did not look good on the inside so I was prescribed the anti-biotic and the inhaler for the panic that not breathing was causing.

I am behind on everything now.  We have no tree yet, I have done very little shopping, my daughter turns 18 on the 20th and I was hoping to surprise her with a party of some sort…..this December sucks so far.

I really hope I have turned the corner or am about to turn a corner because otherwise, I will have to admit myself to a hospital or jump off the roof.