Our London trip began a journey we have continued.

It is interesting how selfish we are when we are growing up.  I am nine younger than Tricia, and I remember when she came home from the hospital – she cried all the time.  In a fit, I remember asking my mom if she could “keep that baby from disturbing my sleep!” I soon became a teenager and we all know how incorrigible teenagers can be.  If I could go back in time I would handle that differently today.  Younger siblings look up to older siblings, so I would have incorporated her into my life more.  But, alas, we cannot undue the past.  So our present and our future are filled with wonderful times together and a close bond that will not be broken.

The London trip was in 1988.  I know this because it was the first time I applied for a passport.  Since then I have had my passport renewed three times and will have to do it again next year.

We stayed in a tiny apartment that a pilot rented out when he was flying.  It was very near Russell Square and we could hop right on the underground.

It was dreary weather, but that is to be expected in London.  Our photos all seem a bit drab to me.  Of course we were using film cameras and we were amateurs at best.

At Westminster Abby, we came in a side door, and I somehow missed seeing the sign that no photos were allowed.  A Cardinal in long flowing red robes, shoes and hat came and told me in no uncertain terms that I had to leave.  When I tried to explain I did not see the sign, he was unimpressed – and quite rude.  Well, growing up Catholic I was familiar with the hierarchy of the Catholic clergy and knew him to be fairly high up there.  However, I was not intimidated by him and told him I was with my sister and would not leave until I found her.  I (very slowly) looked around for her and he had eagle eyes on me the whole time.  Finally, I had to adjourn to the outdoors and wait.  I am posting two of my forbidden photos.  Before I had these developed I was sure I had a treasure worth lots of money, but you can see they are too dark to see much of anything.

Life is meant to be shared.  It is short and as you age you realize how much time can be lost if you do not grab everything you can from it as it passes in front of of you.  Tricia and I are making the most of our friendship and our sibling relationship.  I love that!

Westminter Abby - Forbidden photoWestminister Abby 1988


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